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  • Comedy inspires innovation @Second City

    Increase creativity, collaboration and teamwork, and foster skills in high-potential leaders and their teamsAs we countdown to the CMAcreative Conference on Thursday, May 7 in Toronto, I had the … more

  • Pixar's Jay Shuster and 'creative collisions'

    We called up Pixar's Jay Shuster -- who's speaking at the CMAcreative Conference on May 7 in Toronto -- to dish on what’s got him excited, plus why you shouldn't miss this big day. He's … more

  • Must-reads from CMA’s Digital Council (#6)

    Here are the latest can’t-miss content links from around the web, recommended by CMA’s Digital Marketing Council:

    Facebook tweaks cause concern among marketers, but not necessarily … more

  • Omni-channel survival guide

    Navigating today’s omni-channel world can strike fear in even the most seasoned direct marketer. Fortunately, the core principles of the discipline that have been around for a long time are as … more

  • Ad Choices & the benefit of self-regulation

    Consumers are more comfortable with marketers collecting their browsing data to serve up interest-based ads when they know the organization participates in the Canadian marketing community’s Ad … more