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  • Encouraging X-functional brand ownership

    Many organizations face the challenge of determining which department within a company actually owns the brand. However, this common struggle may be missing the point. Having senior leaders that … more

  • Data analytics is a game for everyone

    It seems everywhere you look these days people are talking about leveraging this great new thing called “Data Analytics.” Hopping on the bandwagon this past year were the Toronto Maple … more

  • The challenge of 'brand authenticity'

    A common sentiment amongst marketers is that the stronger a brand’s core authenticity is, the more likely people will become advocates for the brand, and ultimately, the greater market share a … more

  • Must-reads from CMA’s Digital Council (#5)

    Here are the latest can’t-miss content links from around the web, recommended by CMA’s Digital Marketing Council:

    New Google Search algorithm will roll out in April (Search Engine … more

  • There’s a new B2B mandate

    The verdict is in. B2B customers are regular people too. OK, maybe not a big surprise, but consider what this means in the context of B2B marketing: B2B buyers are accustomed to the ways of buying … more