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  • Applying Moneyball to B2B marketing

    As B2B marketers, we often struggle to justify our investments in the digital realm.  We’ve come to understand that the buyer’s journey is a long and winding road through digital and … more

  • 5 years later: Does the census make sense?

    Many data users remember the concern that arose when the federal government decided to replace the former long form of the census with the voluntary National Household Survey (NHS) in 2011.The survey … more

  • Top 10 tweets from #CMAcreative

    Our first-ever #CMAcreative Conference featured a full day of record-breaking Twitter back-and-forths paired with great talks and networking breaks, and all wrapped up in the beautiful TIFF Bell … more

  • Don’t turn a blind eye to facial recognition

    Facial recognition software gained considerable traction in the past year to become one of the year’s biggest technology phenomena. Technology juggernauts like Google and Facebook tapped into … more

  • Speed-to-market when a disaster hits

    The quickly emerging connection between business, production, demand and the rise of consumerism set the stage for a shift in how information has placed marketing efforts in the fast lane. Yet most … more