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  • Fall in love again with testing

    By Angele Levesque

    When I started in the industry almost two decades ago, the “test-and-learn” discipline was alive and well. Rarely was a campaign developed without a thorough testing … more

  • Destination branding on the rise

    I was pleased to read from The Globe and Mail that a Toronto advertising agency has recently been appointed to work on a branding campaign for Armenia to attract more investment and tourists to its … more

  • Text mining and the power of words

    By Elias Hadaya

    “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Proverbs 12:18.  This proverb reminds us of the power of words. The … more

  • B2B marketers: Are you ready to rule the world?

    On April 24th, CMA will welcome Maggie Fox as the featured speaker at the B2B Networking Reception. We recently caught up with Maggie while she was in Palo Alto to get a preview of the topics she'll … more

  • The yin and yang of marketing automation

    By Louis Foong

    We've seen Taoism referenced recently on the CMA blog as it relates to marketing strategy. I am by no means a Taoist, yet I believe that our glitzy, glamorous world of high-tech does … more

  • 5 characteristics of content that gets shared

    Content marketing is the new black. The best content stays at work long after you go home. When you create quality content that people want to share, it spreads like a virus, building awareness of … more

  • The future of mobile is Taoism

    Have you ever been able to remove yourself from the minutia and demands of everyday job requirements to, dare I use a cliché, “see the forest through the trees?”  Thankfully my … more