Digital Day 2012: What's Happening and What's Next in Digital Marketing

On October 22nd Marketing Magazine and the CMA co-hosted the annual Digital Day Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Attended by a diverse range of industry professionals, several notable themes emerged at the conference pertaining to the continuing evolution of digital – highlighted in the speaker sessions and discussed further by the audience throughout the day.

Of particular note, some discussion indicated that 2012 was not the year of mobile, as evidenced by data presented by Steve Levy from Ipsos Reid. Further, although content marketing has become quite prominent, not a lot of companies are doing it well – telling stories that truly resonate with and provide value for customers. Finally, while many companies focus on emerging technologies, marketers that truly understand consumer contexts, behaviors and data in conjunction with the technologies will be poised to excel.

To provide a flavor of the conference, here are some tweets from audience members during select speaker sessions.

Opening Keynote

Bill Buxton, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

Bill Buxton
Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

Five notable tweets during Bill's talk:

  • Bill Buxton says don't dismiss an idea as "already been done". Original ideas are overrated. Original execution is the key. @bweikle
  • Digital isn't a category, any more than paper is a category. @chasethisnow
  • Heterogeneous social networks amongst devices will change marketing – society of appliances. Who will get the protocol right? @AzimAlibhai
  • The complexity barrier: ask yourself what is the threshold of frustration when adding new features? @forshannonski
  • Stop looking for the next great thing, start looking for the next great ecosystem. @sluu

Bill's website:
Bill on Twitter: @wasbuxton

"Digital Marketing Pulse"

Steve Levy, President, Ipsos Reid

Steve Levy
President, Ipsos Reid

Five notable tweets during Steve's talk:

  • The perceived leaders of the digital marketing – according to marketers/agencies. @Sinthuiaa
  • Mobile marketing actually decreased in 2012 in terms of spend. Tough to measure effectiveness. ‏@sarah__bancroft
  • Conference Board of Canada says that spending on the Internet will overtake television by 2016. @chasethisnow
  • "Email marketing is alive and healthy" & "Twitter is an important part of the mix" @e3abba
  • Steve Levy (Ipsos Reid's) Digital Best Practices. @newtypography

Steve on Twitter: @stevelevyipsos

"Consumer Research"

Tracy Stokes, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

Tracy Stokes
Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

Five notable tweets during Tracy's talk:

  • What's next in digital? Maker's movement, hardware with gesture technology, remarkable personalization, responsive design. ‏@EmFoucault
  • Age of manufacturing >> age of distribution >> age of information >> age of the customer. Need to obsessively know about customers. @Sinthuiaa
  • 71% CMOs are over whelmed by what to do for the customers. Fear of loss of brand control. @plusMaryBeth
  • The pillars of brand equity are crumbling in the wake of increased customer expectations, says Stokes. @bweikle
  • Forrester's Tracy Stokes- simplicity in brand equity. Define your North Star, navigate by your map, use your brand compass. @erikalang

Tracy on Twitter: @tstokes_forr

"Why Proximity is a Virtue"

Faris Yakob, Chief Innovation  Officer, MDC Partners

Faris Yakob
Chief Innovation Officer, MDC Partners

Five notable tweets during Faris' talk:

  • Yakob: "you are here" Location is media. Everything we do happens where we are. Location triggers certain minds of thoughts. @MashMediaInc
  • Faris Yakob talking about the power if behavior and how digital is not about the tech but about understanding consumer behavior. @futurebuild89
  • "Our focus should not be on emerging technologies but on emerging cultural practices" Henry Jenkins, MIT - as quoted by @faris. @Nancy_Boyle
  • Geeks are the R&D of humanity. @tjrossignol
  • Don't market to people, market to context. Where you are, who you are with - all context. @caseymundyPR

Faris' website:
Faris on Twitter: @faris

"Seeing the Forest and the Trees – Surviving and Thriving in the Coming Data Boom"

Nora Young, Host of CBC Radio's Spark; Journalist; Author

Nora Young
Host of CBC Radio's Spark; Journalist; Author, The Virtual Self: How Our Digital Lives Are Altering The World Around Us

Five notable tweets during Nora's talk:

  • We're in the middle of a bottom-up data revolution that's changing the world around us, says Nora Young. @bweikle
  • We document and track everything: our physical health, whereabouts, feelings, etc. = constant capture. @forshannonski
  • Feedback loops from our data, opportunity to go beyond data mining, using data you are willing to share & aggregate to be useful. @MichellePalmer
  • Anonymity used to mean privacy. Not anymore. @vbarbaran
  • How do we create tools & services that create real value & real meaning for people? asks @nora3000 via @aolca Simple: Ask them! @jonathanblaine

Nora's blog:
Nora on Twitter: @nora3000

Are there any key insights from Digital Day you'd like to share? Please feel free to do so by adding your comments.

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