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“A weekly 'marketing lesson' from Quizative on the heels of its participation as a 'Marketing Mentor" in the reality show Recipe to Riches airing on the Food Network. Previous episode write-ups here.

Recipe to Riches: Episode 7 Marketing Lesson: Pick a Positioning

In this episode , the two finalists were Robert Luft and his Pulled Pork and Eva Fong with her Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese. After Eva battled it out in the batch-up challenge she heard Jesse Palmer say, “and now you’ll brainstorm with one of the most creative marketing agencies in the country.” She then raced off to join our team at Quizative to help market her product.

After experiencing Eva’s recipe we quickly determined that she had one of two ways to go – either homey comfort or upscale. The challenge however was that by calling it Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese her product was sitting between two product positions. As stated by one of the judges early on, if you were buying Lobster Mac ‘N Cheese in a five-star restaurant you could pull it off as a high-end product, but at grocery it would be tough to convince a consumer that frozen mac ‘n cheese would be its equal. Eva had to pick either comfort, which would keep her in the mac ‘n cheese camp or she had to go upscale and focus on the lobster which meant dropping mac ‘n cheese form the name.

Wisely she chose upscale and decided to focus on the lobster and down play mac ‘n cheese. The name became “Three Cheese Pasta with Lobster.” We played up the luxury of three cheese sauce which added more taste appeal than simply saying cheese and then closed strong with lobster. Eva’s sampling event was designed to inspire fine dining with a pop-up restaurant. There were linen clad tables, professional wait staff, serene music and other elements that you’d find in a fine restaurant. Her Three Cheese Pasta with Lobster felt right at home in this setting. In the end, Galen Weston stated that they needed to decide “which of the recipes had the biggest market potential.” He also revealed that Loblaw’s had been talking about pulled pork for some time so, as it turns out, it was the right fit. Despite Eva’s product name being consistent with other product naming conventions at President’s Choice the judges believed that pulled pork had the biggest potential and Robert/Bobby went home with the $25,000 weekly prize. It seems timing really can be everything. Despite the judges’ call, Eva made the right strategic decision when she chose a defined positioning that was right for her product and the environment where it would live. The lesson: Pick a Positioning and stick with it. If you try to be everything to everyone, chances are you’ll be nothing to anyone.

Adrian Capobianco

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