CMA Content Marketing Show Co-Chair Baron Manett dishes on a DIFFERENT KIND OF EVENT – JUNE 25, SECOND CITY

Next week, it’s time for another great CMA event. The CMA Content Marketing Show is a one-day conference with a twist, as it were––a day full of all the great learning, connections and insights we promise at our other events, but dressed up in a different outfit. Hosted at Second City Toronto, attendees can expect a show, rather than a conference, with performances from all the big shots in the world of content marketing. Because, in the end, all the world’s a stage.

According to CMI, 45-46% of brands will increase their investment in content marketing this year. And with brands like these guys leading the charge (and speaking at the event too), we hope you can come along…

  • TELUS Studios
  • Ariad Communications
  • YouTube/Google Canada
  • Microsoft Advertising 
  • Unilever Canada
  • Lowe's Canada
  • LinkedIn Canada
  • YAHOO! Canada
  • Scribble Technologies Inc.
  • Coca-Cola
  • And more! 

To tell us a little more, we sat down with Baron Manett, SVP of Strategy for Ariad Communications and Co-Chair of the event. Here are some snippets from our exchange…

What makes the CMA Content Marketing Show so special?

A conference is a setting where the attendees usually just show up and get spoken at. Our starting point is that Content Marketing is the 'essence and substance' of a brand's conversations with its audiences. From our pre-show content, to our speakers who have been curated to represent and highlight where content marketing is heading and how it can drive success, The Content Show will leave its audience more engaged, more informed and better prepared to contribute back at the office.

Why do we care this much about content?

Older models aren't working in our overly-marketed world. We can no longer hope to earn audience attention without sharing something of value. Content is the heart of that value exchange.

What’re you most looking forward to on June 25?

I'm excited to see Shane Grant from Coca Cola–a company that has embraced content marketing as a global priority. And Michael MacMillan from Blue Ant is a content pioneer in this country. I also think the conference audience will get a lot of value out of Gary Fearnall from LinkedIn's presentation.

What are the most important things to remember about content?

  1. Understand your audience and their needs.
  2. Develop a strategy before jumping to tactics.  
  3. Determine measurement criteria to understand what works.
  4. Understand that content marketing is a commitment and promise to your audience rather than a one-off campaign.
  5. There's a great content marketing community out there. Ask questions.

See you next week! 

Anna Duckworth 

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