New Year’s Resolutions for Social Media: What Not To Do…

Everybody's got a New Year's Resolution: join the gym, finish that book, be a better leader in the workplace…and recently, resolutions in marketing have centered around social media and ways brands communicate with audiences in real time.

Given all the content that's out there around what you should be doing in 2016, we compiled hundreds upon thousands upon millions of examples of what "not" to do on social media. (Full disclosure: we'll admit, the list did include "#145: Don't write a blog post about what not to do on social media," but we'll make sure to file that fact under errors and omissions).

So without any further introduction (#2: Write shorter intros!): here are a few examples of what not to do on social media in 2016:

  • #121: Don't Get Overly Emojional.
    "J Friday!"

  • #34: Puns, NO Puns.
    "Jim's Bananas...pretty apeeling, huh?"

  • #97: Don't Get "Hashtag Happy".
    "#Great workout! #SweatCity #Fitness #Calories #Athletics #Shoes #Lycra #Sports? #Maybe #Hashtag ###

  • #318: Don't let your Aunt Carol tweet from your account.
    "Anyone know how to get boxed red wine out of evening culottes?"

  • #17: Don't FORCE a Connection.
    "Happy Oscar Week All! We should get an Oscar for our great deals on socks!!! #SockHut #AcademyAwards #LateInTheGameToStarWarsMarketing"

  • #67: Don't let a raccoon tweet from your account.
    "@UrbanZorro klzxhgjxcz;lnpsxgy!@#$^&*)bhjdagyuadbhj"

  • #6: Don't tweet without a fact check!
    "Prime Minister Wayne Gretzky to visit Canada's Capital, Toronto, this Week!"

  • #45: Don't spell things like a tipsy Neanderthal.
    "Funn Deels aul Weak att maust ov aur storez!"

If you're resolving to be a more effective manager in 2016, our recent study on Bad Freakin' Bosses might help. Some of them may be on social media right now.

If you're resolving to run a marathon, remember: it's all about the shoes.

Sandy Marshall (@MarshallSandy) is the Vice President of Second City Works.
Carly Heffernan (@CarlyHeffernan) is a Writer for Second City Works.

Second City Works (@SecondCityWorks) is the B2B side of The Second City, the world's leading comedy theatre and school of improvisation. We collaborate with clients to create improv-based learning, digital content, and entertainment.

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