Offered throughout the year in half-day, one-day, two-day plus online formats. Participants will benefit from an interactive learning session, case study examples and invaluable take-home reference material.

Join us and learn from marketing experts who offer relevant industry examples with the latest information and best practices. Work closely with fellow participants in group exercises used to illustrate concepts and encourage participation.

  Date Seminar
  August 2 Developing the Marketing Plan
  August 15 Content Marketing
  August 24 Community Management
  September 13 The Power Writing Workshop
  September 21 Integrated Marketing Campaign Execution
  September 26 Data Storytelling
  October 12 Copywriting for Marketers
  November 29 Media Measurement for Marketers
  December 6 Project Management for Marketers

Developing the Marketing Plan

August 2 | Toronto

Learn the essentials of what goes into a successful marketing plan

Content Marketing (The New Reality)

August 15 | Toronto

Learn how to create a process and framework for compelling content

Community Management

August 24 | Toronto

Learn how to grow and better leverage your social media channels

The Power Writing Workshop

September 13 | Toronto

Learn tips & techniques that will give your professional writing an added punch

Integrated Marketing Campaign Execution

September 21 | Toronto

Learn the core building blocks of a successful integrated marketing campaign execution

Data Storytelling

September 26 | Toronto

Explore the fundamentals of data visualization and how to communicate effectively with data

Copywriting for Marketers

October 12 | Toronto

Copywriting for non-copywriters: Learn how to motivate, persuade and sell

Media Measurement for Marketers

November 29 | Toronto

Understand how agencies and marketers use data measurement

Project Management for Marketers

December 6 | Toronto

Learn how to effectively initiate and plan a marketing project