Future shifts in marketing; big threats

Marketing's shift away from advertising brings new threats and opportunities

By John Gustavson, President and Chief Executive Officer

CMA research released this month delivers a thorough assessment of how Canada's evolving digital marketplace will impact the economy and cause a major shift in marketing over the next five years (see separate article).

Much of this transition, notes the study prepared for CMA by the Conference Board of Canada, will be driven by a shift away from mass advertising to marketing activities that are more cost-effective, including expanded use of the Internet to reach consumers based on their online interests. In the early 1980s, for example, advertising accounted for 80% of marketing expenditures. Today, advertising's share of the marketing pie is 50%, notes the CMA report. By 2016, the Internet's share of the advertising pie alone is expected to climb to 26% (compared with 18% in 2011) at which time it will overtake television as the largest destination for ad spending.

Three key factors will impact marketing's influence in Canada and its success over the next five years:

  1. Businesses continue to face an uncertain economy, impacted by developments on the global stage that could derail marketing efforts.
  2. The Internet opens up new cost-effective ways to market using social media and mobile applications, each presenting new marketing opportunities and unique challenges.
  3. Marketers face the threat of a loss in consumer trust as new marketing practices and consumer privacy are under increased scrutiny by government, special interest groups and consumers.

How the marketing community manages these issues and gains consumer trust in the products they produce and services they provide will be critical to marketing's success over the next five years. CMA and our members have a key role to play and I look forward to your continued participation in the programs we offer as we work together to manage the threats and realize the opportunities before us.


John Gustavson

New from CMA: Marketing's Influence in Canada: In an evolving digital economy

Marketing's Influence in Canada: In an evolving digital economy

Prepared for CMA by The Conference Board of Canada

An authoritative examination of marketing; from its traditional roots to what it looks like today -- to what business leaders can expect over the next five years. Much more than advertising activity, this report begins the conversation about how other marketing functions (e.g., brand management, customer support, market research, communications) are equally important drivers of economic activity in Canada. Simply put, this report defines marketing's reach. It gives business leaders a critical lens from which to view how business activity will be influenced by marketing as we transition to a digital economy.

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Big threats to marketing

  • Canada's new anti-spam law and its impact on all forms of commercial electronic messages
  • Changes to Canada's privacy law governing the private sector
  • Government study on social media and use of personal information
  • Potential government clamp down on online marketing techniques
  • Future funding of the National Do Not Call List

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