20 Marketing Execs Share POVs from the CMA Café, Presented by Mastercard

It’s that time of year when we all look back on the year just completed and look forward for what’s to come.  We hear quite often that marketing leaders are looking to stay connected with their profession and informed on the latest viewpoints from industry leaders.  I’m sure 2020 will be no different!

  • Are you seeking to expand your network this year? 
  • Are you looking to encounter new and diverse perspectives? 
  • Are you focused on staying current in our ever-evolving profession?

If you’ve got 90 minutes and are a CMA member who is Director-level or above, the CMA Café, presented by Mastercard, is a complimentary opportunity for you to help achieve these goals in 2020.

Hear From Our Executive Attendees

  1. “The conversation was incredibly engaging.  Everyone was attentive and contributing.  I left pumped by so many ideas about brand, purpose, culture - we solved all the world's problems in just over an hour!  How cool is that!?”

  2. “The peek our Host gave into her organization, their cultural transformation and the challenges they face was extremely interesting. She is a very inspirational leader!”

  3.  “Great networking platform.  In addition to the talk, I met people from multiple industries and hearing their perspectives as they relate to marketing was interesting.”

  4.  “Fantastic experience!  Session was very engaging and forward-thinking.  Loved hearing about our Host organization’s 3 big bets for the future.”

  5. “The discussion on the pros and cons of the new hiring realities was informative.  It was also beneficial to meet a group of marketing leaders with diverse backgrounds, including our Host, who is very well respected in the industry.”

  6. “I thought today was amazing!  This was an incredible group and we could have extended the session for well over an hour.”

  7. “Just a great, informative discussion about digital / social metrics and how to use them for campaign success.”

  8. “Our discussion was perfect with a 3-point focus for data-driven planning: Delivery, Engagement & Conversion.”

  9. “We had a very robust discussion about how health and wellness go beyond food and all the opportunities for innovation.”

  10. “A wonderful discussion - lots of smart thinking and engaging conversation.”

  11. “There were many insights I learned, but the most interesting one was about a listening culture.  From the time our Host started in her role, and how she wanted to hear from every single employee, through to how she engages with her Board, staff, donors and those associated with her organization.”

  12. “My biggest takeaway was from a hiring workforce perspective, people who can pull insights from data will be the most desirable.”

  13. “I really got to dive deeper into the importance of getting the Board and staff on-side.”

  14. “I loved the discussion and made some awesome connections.”

  15. “Incredible opportunity with invaluable insights.  Feeling very lucky!”

  16. “Great dialogue and there a really interesting mix of experience and background. Enjoyed hearing perspectives on how marketing is evolving.”

  17. “Incredibly informative conversation about data and the role marketing can play in leading the P&L.  Lots of info to bring back to my organization.”

  18. “We had a great, diverse group of participants with great facilitator!”

  19. “Invaluable discussion; our Host got many of the very relevant participants to participate in the discussion.”

  20. “Our Host shared a story of how the iconic marketing effort came to be discontinued and how their organization is enabling business model innovation through an internal venture capital process.  The Host was very open and engaging.  I learned a lot.  Thank you!”

ICYMI: Program Details

The CMA Café, presented by Mastercard, is strengthening the Canadian marketing community by building strategic relationships to share best practices and insights to address current challenges. 

The program provides an opportunity for senior marketers (director-level and up) to expand their networks and participate in open, roundtable discussions with marketing and business leaders to gain valuable industry insights. It is available to CMA members at no cost, thanks to the generous support of Mastercard.

In-person events bring senior marketers together to share knowledge and create new connections that can lead to more innovative, inclusive, creative and high-performing professionals. It features roundtable discussion on a current topic, with up to 10 marketers, and includes aspirational messages from the Host about their career journey.

Please Sign Up to get involved, Learn More about the program or Request to Host an Office Hour.

Tim Bishop, Vice-President, Marketing & Experience, CMA

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