A Marketer’s View of Martech

Anyone working in marketing today is dealing with marketing technology (martech), since digital by its very nature is technology-based. The customer’s adoption of digital –particularly through mobile – is one of the driving forces of this change.

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Is CX Directly Linked to Business Strategy?

The first in a series of three CX strategy blogposts explores the importance of grounding a company’s business strategy in a CX strategy. 

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Would You Want Digital Access to a Loved-one’s Health Records?

See how the perspectives of the chair of the CMA’s B2B Council are reflected on this story about how a company that created a portal for sharing health records found success when it pivoted from a B2C to a B2B strategy.

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Engaging with Sport Fans: Hot Off the Press!

Here is a sneak peek at the first two reports from the inaugural Sports & eSports Study launched by Vivintel’s (Vividata’s custom research arm). This study of 3,510 Canadian consumers is the first of its kind, helping clients across media, agencies and brands understand the changing landscape of sports fandom.

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2019 Canadians’ Perspectives on Health & Wellness – Part 3

To be noticed in the health and wellness space, there is a need to have a strong online presence… which means being accessible to Canadians through their preferred methods – both online and offline. Read more about how Canadians use technology in Part 3 of Pearl Strategy’s Health and Wellness blog series.

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