CMA CEO Calls for Careful Thought on PIPEDA Reform

CMA’s President and CEO John Wiltshire shares his thoughts with The Globe and Mail on the need to find the right balance between meeting consumers’ demands for smart services and products and ensuring appropriate privacy measures.

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Preparing an Effective Procurement Brief

To find the agency partner that is best suited to your assignment, help bidding agencies understand your needs. An effective procurement brief (Request for Proposal) should explain the scope of the assignment, key legal requirements and the agency selection process, including submission content, presentation instructions and evaluation criteria.

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CX Design Across High & Low Involvement Options: An Interview with Walmart

Successful companies are offering customers the option to work as hard as they want while remaining loyal to the brand. The CMA’s CX Council set out to understand how companies are designing customer experiences to meet the needs of high- and low-involvement customers to grow their business and increase customer loyalty.

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“A Very Enriching Experience” – Top 10 Take-Aways from CM Learners

With two semesters completed, we checked in with learners in the Chartered Marketer (CM) program and asked them to share their stories. Here’s a sampling of 10 reviews from Core 1 and 2 that wrapped up in July.

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Study Finds Canadians Benefit from Choice of Internet Providers

The Competition Bureau has released its study of competition and consumer habits in Canada’s high-speed internet industry. The Bureau’s study of competition in internet services is designed to inform future regulatory reviews in the industry, such as the CRTC’s upcoming review of wireline wholesale services.

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