Ontario’s First-Ever Data Strategy

The Government of Ontario has launched consultations across the province to inform Ontario's Data Strategy. Set to be released this fall, the strategy will support opportunities for data use across all sectors while ensuring the data rights of individuals are protected.

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CX Design Across High & Low Involvement Options: An Interview with DavidsTea

Organizations looking to optimize their CX should set KPI metrics that are appropriate for high- and low-involvement customer experiences. The CMA CX Council is examining how companies are designing customer experiences to meet the needs of these customers in order to grow their business and increase customer loyalty to the brand.

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CMA Warns Data Transfer Changes Could Lead to ‘Consent Fatigue’

The CMA is urging the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) not to change privacy rules in Canada that could make it more difficult for businesses to send consumer data outside of the country for processing.

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Should We Disclose Margins?

Empathy president Mo Dezyanian shares with Media in Canada what buyers and planners can learn from the world of contracting.

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Customer Lifetime Value – An Initiative Not for the Faint of Heart

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is an important metric for organizations who want to get a more accurate view of their customers and use this information to become more profitable. Understanding CLV allows you to make changes to your business to attract, convert, and retain more high value customers while increasing the overall value of your entire customer base.

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