CMA Urges Privacy Commissioner not to Change Longstanding Consent Rules

The CMA has urged the federal privacy commissioner to not change its interpretation of PIPEDA with regards to third-party processing. The additional consent that would be required would not provide consumers with any meaningful improvement in privacy protection and would instead contribute to “consent fatigue”.

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Why Professional Development Offline is Effective

Online learning is the trend, but in-person learning continues to provide valuable experiences. Social components (like networking and idea-sharing), the ability to work on communication skills and the small time-commitment-to-content ratio are a few of the reasons why CMA’s in-person learning is seeing strong uptake.

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Cannabis in Canada: A Snapshot of Current Users

In the post-legalization environment, how are Canadians using cannabis, for what reasons, and how often? This infographic presents data from Vivintel’s 2019 Canadian Cannabis Study: Post-legalization Usage and Opinions to answer these questions.

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Competition Bureau Releases its Annual Plan

The Competition Bureau released its 2019-2020 Annual Plan, titled Safeguarding the Future of Competition. As per recent publications and speeches, digital economy issues remain a key focus.

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Internal Marketing: What It Means and Why It's Important

Marketing, advertising and branding create awareness in the minds of our primary audiences but there is another important audience that marketing often overlooks: the one inside your own offices.

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