Learning Martech: An Inventory of Resources to Advance Your Knowledge

Interested in learning more about martech and how it can enable marketing operations? This rich repertoire of resources such as articles, blogs, infographics and tutorials will teach you a lot about the exciting martech space.

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Data & Analytics Round-Up from CMA’s Insights Council #10

What are the trends in marketing measurement you need to follow in 2019? How do you get consumers to welcome new tech? How will Canadian retailers cater to impatient shoppers? How can the executive’s AI playbook help your organization? How can you capture value from your customer data?

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Mindshare Canada Releases Canadian Retail Study

Mindshare’s proprietary research identified retail shopping trends amongst Canadians and will continue to be a rolling analysis from Mindshare throughout 2019.

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What Qualities Make a Website Successful?

Looking for a measurable way to define what a successful website is? Siteimprove captures the basics you need to know, along with some statistics and real-world examples.

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The Importance of Inclusive Marketing in 2019

Only a few years ago, brands used aspirational imagery to sell products across a myriad of industries. But now, consumers are blasting brands that pedal privilege and exclusivity. A growing number of consumers prefer authentic advertising that represents the world around them. Businesses that can incorporate diversity into their products and marketing content will continue to stay relevant and set themselves up for future success.

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