Getting to Wow: 3-Step Storytelling from a Quant Researcher

Behzad Ghotb, Strategy and Insights Lead, Marketing at Google shares tips on getting an ‘Oh Wow’ from your audience when presenting complex, technical and challenging data.

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Making B2B Marketing More Human

As technology and automation in B2B marketing grows, there are increasing calls to make B2B marketing more human. Read about successful human-centric approaches. 

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Growth Hacking for ROI - Beyond the Buzzwords

ROI is the latest buzzword to hop over from business circles to marketing, only to have its meaning diluted and made intentionally murky. How does a marketing leader balance innovation with what is cost-effective, relevant, personal, local and actually contributes to revenue?

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Super Bowl LIII 2019: Canadian Viewing Analysis

The consumer behaviour data experts at NLogic look at this year’s Super Bowl viewership and identify the top categories advertised.

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Why Loyalty Programs Fail and 6 Ways to Fix Them

Recent studies have shown that consumers will join up to 10 loyalty programs but only be active on 3 to 4 of them. The same studies found that globally, around 35% of the loyalty base in a program is active.

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