Canadian Tech Companies Don’t Scale Well: Is Marketing the Game-Changer?

An analysis of challenges facing the Canadian technology sector, with key takeaways for start-ups and scaleups that want to succeed. 

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Competition Bureau Publishes Final Revised Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines

The updated guidelines clarify the Competition Bureau’s approach to conducting investigations of alleged anti-competitive activities that relate to intellectual property. CMA members who own intellectual property, including trademarks, should familiarize themselves with these guidelines.

Read the Competition Bureau’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines and learn more about upcoming changes to trademark rules.

Marketers: We Don’t Need More Data

Mo Dezyanian, President of Empathy Inc., notes that most marketers are challenged to use the data we already have and reveals why the answer to improved marketing is not more data.

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Want the Perfect Commercial? Then Make It Perfectly Imperfect!

Neil McOstrich, Chief Storytelling Officer at Cleansheet, shares what he learned after one of his agency’s commercials became a viral sensation.

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TV Viewing Highlights from Some of the Most Popular Award Shows

The data experts at NLogic evaluate the viewing performance of the Academy Awards, the Grammys and the Golden Globes.

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