CMA Comments on 2019 Federal Budget

The CMA issued a media release to comment on initiatives in the federal budget, including creation of a Digital Democracy Project, and the modernization of regulatory frameworks to accommodate emerging technologies. Several initiatives include a marketing component, reflecting the important role of marketing in strengthening the economy and serving Canadians.

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Exclusive Breakfast Brings Marketing Operations and Martech Into Focus

A recent panel discussion by leading experts in the martech field brought together professionals who are working to focus on how organizations can leverage the power of martech.

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Thinking of Running a Promotional Contest? Start Here.

It’s easy to see why contests are a go-to for many organizations – they provide brand exposure and generate high consumer engagement and attract consumer attention. The key is to generate positive buzz and avoid common pitfalls that lead to consumer complaints and negative attention. So how do you do that? Let’s start with tackling some basic aspects of contests.

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How Marketers Can Unlock the Power of Martech

Marketers seem to understand the “why” behind marketing technology, but only a precious few understand the “how”. Senior executives are quickly recognizing that the true power of data and technology can only be unlocked by continuing to experiment with various combinations of solutions to deliver the business efficiencies and outcomes they require.

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The Age Gap Makes a Difference: How Younger and Older Millennials Spend their Travel Dollars

Millennials are often seen as being fixated on their phones, blocking out the world around them with their noise-cancelling headphones while dining on avocado toast. But if you’re trying to cater to this sought-after generation, it’s best to forget about these clichés and stereotypes.

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