Why Changes to Trademark Law Matter and What You Can Do to Prepare

Have you considered how upcoming changes to Canadian trademark rules will impact your business? How will your timelines and processes evolve to account for this shift? At CMA’s Future-Proof Your Brand event this week, experts delved into what every brand manager, agency and brand lawyer need to know about the sweeping changes to Canada’s laws that will transform the trademarks landscape in Canada.

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Streaming Fast Data Analytics is like Evaluating Water Drops in Niagara Falls

Every day, every second, millions of consumers and machines interact with each other. In the digitalized world, this interaction grows exponentially every year, and it requires careful management by companies because not only is the data big but it moves fast.

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Way Beyond Marketing — The Rise of the Hyper-Relevant CMO

Accenture’s latest survey of nearly 1,000 CMOs and more than 500 CEOs at the world’s largest organizations reveals that a small number of innovative Chief Marketing Officers are helping their organizations generate shareholder returns 11 per cent higher than those of their industry peers by delivering hyper-relevant customer experiences.

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2019 Canadians’ Perspectives on Health & Wellness Study

In Canada, health and wellness continues to evolve, creating new demand for healthy products and services in food and beverages and in OTC. To find opportunities in the health and wellness space, Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design surveyed 1,000 Canadian adults across ages, genders and provinces, in English and French Canada, to understand their health and wellness attitudes and behaviours.

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Three Ways to Take Charge of Your Career Development

Helen Tupper, founder of Amazing If, shares her personal insights on three areas where individuals can take control of, and have the biggest impact on their careers, even when companies do not have the resources to support these activities.

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