Want to trademark a scent, 3D object, hologram and more? Here’s what you need to know

There’s good news and bad news for marketers in Canada’s new trademark law, set to come into effect on June 17 of this year. The good: companies will be able to trademark a wide range of things, including sounds, scents, tastes, textures, holograms, moving images and more. The bad news: the changes open the door to trolls and trademark challenges.

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How to Manage and Simplify the Arduous Process of Naming a Product or Service

Anyone who has had to name a product or service can attest to how challenging it can be. CMA’s Brand Strategy Council shares some tips on how to manage and simplify an often-arduous process.

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CMAinsights – 5 Key Takeaways

In case you missed our CMAinsights morning event last week, Pearl Strategy & Innovation Design has pulled together some key insights.

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Three Out-Of-The-Box Experiential Marketing Ideas for Courting Ethnic Consumers

Multicultural audiences will congregate, celebrate, break bread and break a leg, if they’re offered just the right incentive. Maple Diversity Communications shares new ideas for brands to use experiential marketing to win customers.

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Improve CX and Drive Business Goals through Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping has recently become the go-to method for marketers when trying to understand customer experience and identify pain-points. This blogpost aims to leave you with a starting point for journey mapping and equip you with a new tool to identify actionable insights.

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