CMA Launches CMA NXT to Help Students Forge a Meaningful Marketing Career Path

We’re excited to announce the launch of CMA NXT, an online program that will help Canadian university and college students forge a meaningful career path in marketing and set them up for success. CMA NXT will provide insights on the future of marketing, the different roles within marketing, help students develop soft skills, and enable them to build a portfolio of work to share with prospective employees.

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CMA Guide Addresses Privacy Commissioner Findings

The CMA Guide on Transparency for Consumers is now publicly available due to high levels of interest following its release to CMA members in January. Measures outlined in the Guide will help organizations effectively address findings in the 2018-19 Survey of Canadians on Privacy released last week by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

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Snackable News, Curated by CMA's Brand Council #4

CMA’s Brand Strategy Council explores hot topics from the importance of brand building to proven ways to grow brand awareness and much more.

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How Often Do Canadians Go to the Grocery Store?

PwC’s latest Canadian Consumer Insights report covers how Canadian consumers are demanding far more from their favourite retail brands, engaging more with smart tech, and expressing an increasing desire for digital access to health care.

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Scotiabank Adds Much More than a Touch of Colour

Scotiabank is rolling out a “refreshed” visual brand identity that includes a new logo and wordmark, as well as a customized font and a much greater use of colour. While red will remain at the core of the brand, it will be complemented by more colours.

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