3 Things Driving the Research-Obsessed Consumer

Google’s VP of Marketing for the Americas Lisa Gevelber explains how more and more people are using search to optimize their real-world experiences.

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How to Convert Data into Meaningful, Business-Critical Action

Despite the profusion of data, marketers’ ability to make meaningful decisions and take business-critical actions is not improving over time. In their latest whitepaper, MiQ identifies that the heart of the problem is the Knowledge Gap and uncovers how Marketing Intelligence can help be the solution.

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Small Talk with Big Brand SBOs

Cargo's Small Talk team recently attended the Business-to-Small-Business Institute Leaders’ Forum, where they met with big brands and asked them what they wanted to know about Small Business Owners (SBOs). Then, Cargo set off to get answers to the brands’ biggest questions.

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Global Communications Leaders Respond to an Increasingly Fractured Communications Landscape

In their annual report, Ipsos Public Perspectives’ Reputation Council explores global perspectives on sector reputations, the rewards and risks of corporate activism, and the biggest issues currently facing corporate communicators, among many others.

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Neo Essentialism

People have endless content, options, experiences and more surrounding them at all time. They don’t want to miss out, but they also value their increasingly scarce time. So, how do great brands help audiences choose? Enter Neo-Essentialism.

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