The innovative addition of agency experts to prep future Chartered Marketers

As the CMA Learning Team continues to develop the courses of the Chartered Marketer online designation program, an innovative addition was designed and produced for the third course, Applied Marketing Core 3, which launched this September.

Each of the Core courses in the program have a mix of curriculum topics, including strategic thinking, branding and targeting the marketplace taking up much of Core 1. Core 2 has eight modules of financial analysis, P & L and math for marketers, finishing up with four weeks of integrated campaign development. For Core 3, the CMA focused on creative development, pitching creative and new business and iterating creative elements. CM learners worked from an immersive case study and developed campaigns for a new men’s athletic wear brand.

To add another dimension to the learner experience, the CMA worked with our Agency Working Committee and our Membership Engagement Team to recruit working agency talent across a wide range of disciplines: Creative Directors, Copy Writers, Producers, Media Buyers, Market Researchers, Account Directors, Strategists and Planners.

The Chartered Marketer development team worked to develop questions and case studies for the experts and shared them in advance of a four-day video shoot where the participants filmed the responses and then the videos were compiled and embedded into the online curriculum directly.  The result was that the expert marketers are literally speaking to the learners as they engage in topics such as storyboarding, targeting media channels, pitching creative and other topics.

Also in this course, the learners share their creative output with each other via video discussions that further add a sense of community and engagement.

We’re also proud to share that Core 3 will be using Delvinia’s automated market research platform “Methodify” to give learners a deep understanding of the advanced market research tools available to better connect with their audiences. This innovative platform has received numerous accolades and further supports the CM program’s commitment to help shape the future marketer.


Finally, another layer to make Core 3 really stand out, the CMA Learning Team worked with Adobe to give learners a chance to test their creativity and develop creative campaign elements using Spark Post. This adds another hands-on component to the CM program and exposure to the latest in programmatic media planning tools.

We built Core 3 with the intention of educating our learners to understand what it takes to develop awesome creative: how to test it, perfect it and design a tactical roadmap that ultimately leads their marketing efforts to success while reaching the right audience and achieving organizational business goals.

I’m excited to follow along the journey of our future Chartered Marketers and grow our CM community!

Stephen Ghigliotty, CM
AVP, Curriculum Development
Canadian Marketing Association

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