Aspiring to a Better Financial Future: goeasy CMO Campaign Case Study

Making stronger connections with relevant consumers is fundamental to the marketing profession. 

To highlight the strategic thinking behind new campaigns, this week, Andrea Fiederer, goeasy Chief Marketing Officer, connected with Tim Bishop, VP Marketing & Experience with CMA, to share the latest insights on the easyfinancial "Better Tomorrows" campaign

Enjoy a condensed version here:

Andrea, thanks for sharing your perspectives today.  As with any strategic effort, it’s important to start by better understanding the objectives of the campaign.  What were the insights and business background that led to your latest approach?

Thanks Tim – it’s an exciting time for goeasy since this campaign is unique in terms of the message within our industry (non-prime lending). 

The goal behind our easyfinancial “Better Tomorrows” campaign is to continue to drive brand awareness and new customer growth for the company’s unsecured and secured lending business. With over 9 million non-prime Canadian consumers, there is a massive market opportunity for us to extend our reach as well as help even more customers on their path to a better tomorrow by helping to improve their financial outcomes.

Our “Better Tomorrows” message is centred on the insight that although customers are looking for immediate financial relief today, they also aspire to a better financial future. Helping our customers achieve both is our corporate vision and the focus of our campaign message.

We were keen to leverage this campaign to communicate this unique customer-facing message. This is a highly differentiated position in a market that typically tends to focus only on the customer’s immediate need and product attributes.

So, it sounds like this campaign is really about making a more emotional connection with prospects (a longer-term brand lift) as opposed to trying to convert them immediately (an immediate sales lift).  Can you share more about that?  What was the strategy and thinking that led you to approach this differently than others have in your category recently?

It’s really focused on two interconnected elements. The first was on brand messaging and the second was around our strategic media buy. 

We focused in on TV with our “Hugs” spot as the medium to deliver our branded message of better tomorrows as opposed to being more tactical or product focused. The idea was to create an emotive spot that represented human everyday interactions between a father and daughter while focusing on the moments that can often create a financial struggle, such as sending kids to university, birthdays and needing braces. We opted to forgo dialogue and instead, use a highly emotional and well-recognized song – ‘Stand by Me’ – to create a strong connection between the audience and the story that is being told.  

Having run two previous TV campaigns, we strongly believe that TV continues to be an effective medium to drive mass brand awareness. For this campaign, we expanded our TV buy deeper into conventional TV where previously we focused on specialty TV. The objective of this switch is to leverage more focused media in particular markets, take advantage of the Fall premiere season and generate greater audience reach.

In addition to TV, our integrated campaign is complemented with radio and print in select markets. We are also running a GTA OOH program that includes over 350 facings on horizontal billboards, TSA and TTC transit kings. We were very targeted to select media placements located near our branches to ensure effective targeting.

We then leveraged mediums such as radio, Out-of-Home and print to focus on our product messaging and complement our brand-focused TV spot.

We also complemented our offline media with a robust digital campaign including display and social as well as integration into some of our offline properties.

The digital campaign is supported by similar creative as well as several :15 second variations of our TV commercial “Hugs.”

Creative development was led by Arrivals + Departures while media planning and buying was led by True Media.

I realize it’s early days for the launch but it’s always interesting to hear how it’s resonating, even initially.  Looking forward, how you will be measuring this campaign’s impact?  What’s next for your team?

We are seeing some initial benefit from the campaign as applications driven by our paid branded search campaign are up over 20%. We’re really pleased with that and as time goes on, we will look at several measures to gauge success across our brand metrics and sales funnel. Specifically, aided and unaided brand awareness, website traffic, organic/direct brand search volume, application data and new customers.

There’s no doubt that executing multiple creative variations across multiple channels in a condensed period was definitely challenging, but the team was able to work through it to ensure an on-time launch while being in-market with flawless execution.  

We will continue to build on our “Better Tomorrows” as well as expand the campaign into our branch locations which include over 350 locations across Canada.

In addition, we recorded two TV spots as part of this campaign and plan on airing the second spot in the Spring for our 2020 campaign. Plus, after assessing the success of our OOH campaign in the GTA, we may continue to roll out additional OOH support in urban markets. We believe very much in what we have created and see much more opportunity to deliver against this campaign!

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