B2B Industry Round-Up Curated by CMA’s B2B Council #1

CMA’s B2B Council has rounded up some interesting articles, trends and insights from the B2B industry.

The power of storytelling in business
Good storytelling helps people better understand what you're saying and remember the information more clearly. – Shared by Nick Taylor, Senior Director, New Revenue-Strategic Initiatives, Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

The Future of B2B Marketing: A Much-Needed Human Touch
An interesting piece that underscores the importance of human connection with B2B marketing. – Shared by Andrew Au, Co-Founder & President, Intercept Group North America

Digital Transformation Trends in 2019: What Can CMOs Expect?
Voice of the customer programs are giving companies a new lease on life, offering insights on customer expectations, preferences and aversions. Shared by Nancy Mancini, Principal Consultant, Marcom Blueprints Inc.

Synergy and disruption: Ten trends shaping fintech
A great read for those working or interested in the fintech space. Examines the top trends in fintech from around the globe. – Shared by Janine Allen, SVP, GM & Partner, Kaiser Lachance Communications

What is it like to work in B2B marketing?
The article addresses what it is like to work in B2B and the evolution. This is a powerful thought on 'Tick Box Marketing'. - Shared by Mary Cochrane, Director Marketing Strategy, LCBO

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