CMA Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice Updates – Phase 1

The CMA Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice is undergoing a full review and refresh this year, with updates being released in two stages. 

This first update release to the Code notably includes the addition of an agency search section, and references to cannabis marketing, environmental claims, influencer guidelines developed by Ad Standards and our Guide to Promotional Contests. You can read our news release here.

Key topics addressed in agency search include the need for companies to clearly articulate budget and scope at the outset of a Request for Proposal process, appropriate financial disclosure, limits on speculative work, non-disclosure rules and debriefing practices. For background about the CMA’s agency search initiative, read this blog written by Kim Koster, the Chair of the CMA’s Brand Strategy Council.

The Code has been at the core of the Canadian Marketing Association’s commitment to help marketers maintain high standards of professional conduct and strengthen their understanding of compliance requirements for over 20 years.

Marketers acknowledge that the establishment and maintenance of high standards of practice are a fundamental responsibility to the public, essential to winning and holding consumer confidence, and the foundation of a successful and independent marketing industry in Canada. Members of the CMA recognize their obligation – to the consumers and businesses they serve – to maintain the highest standards of honesty, truth, accuracy, fairness and professionalism.

The next round of updates to the Code will be released by year-end.

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Author: Florentina Stancu-Soare | Manager, Regulatory Affairs @CMA
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