Do marketers have an ear for the sounds Canadians love?

This COVID-19 thing has been a slog for everyone, including the advertising and marketing community. As Canadians, we treasure the few summer months we have and being cooped up indoors has many of us missing the summer experiences and sounds we love so dearly. So in celebration of Canada Day, cleansheet thought we would bring a smile to the community by asking, “How sharp are marketers’ ears for the sounds Canadians love?”

From June 23rd till Canada’s birthday, cleansheet will be holding “The Great CanadaSound Contest”, an Instagram poll sure to test your sonic skills in identifying some of Canada’s most iconic summer sounds. Sure you know “that” sound, but without visual reference, is that bacon on a frying pan or rain on a cottage roof? Is it a burger flipping on the barbecue or a prairie rattlesnake? (good to know that one!). Well, let’s find out.

The contest’s authentic sounds were submitted from Canadians from all regions, from all walks of life and - astonishingly - from ages 4 to 84 years as part of the CanadaSound Project - a labour of love initiative created by cleansheet in 2017 to create a legacy gift for Canada’s 150th birthday. The 1,000 sounds curated in the CanadaSound Bank constitute one of the most diverse soundscapes of why Canadians love living here ever recorded.

“Sound is such a powerful, yet overlooked, trigger of emotion,” says Neil McOstrich, Chief Storytelling Officer behind the CanadaSound Project. “With COVID-19 canceling camps, festivals and iconic summer activities, we thought re-releasing those sounds from the CanadaSound Bank might bring back a memory and bring on a smile.”

The Great CanadaSound Contest will be a fun break from COVID. Plus, you could get a chance to win free music for a year from the streaming platform of your choice. The more you play, the more chances you’ll have to win. Terms and conditions apply. (Don’t we always know that!)

Check it out now on our Instagram handle and be sure to opt in for daily notifications. The correct answer will be revealed the following day along with the next question. 

Thank you for staying safe indoors these past few months. At cleansheet our credo has always been ‘enter with optimism’. We hope celebrating the sounds that define the best of who we are as Canadians takes everyone to a happier place this Canada Day.

Stay safe. Have fun. Summer’s here at last.

About Catherine Frank
As Co-founder, Chief Strategic Officer of cleansheet communications, Catherine believes in doing good work with good people.. Catherine loves challenging situations, likely why her clients have been named Top 10 Marketers That Mattered four times. Under her stewardship, cleansheet has received broad recognition ranging from Profit’s Hot50 New Growth Companies, Strategy’s Top 10 Design Agencies, and multiple national/international creative and effectiveness awards.

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