Download. Listen. Disrupt: a new podcast, Marketing Disrupted

The rules of modern marketing have changed, and with the playing field constantly evolving, a CMO’s adaptability is key. Figuring out where to begin in these ever-changing times can be a challenge.

That’s why we love Marketing Disrupted, a podcast series that highlights the industry’s ongoing transformation and serves as a new practitioner’s guide to marketing. It is hosted by bestselling author, technology and marketing reporter Amber Mac, and Brent Chaters, Digital Customer & Marketing Transformation Lead at Accenture. Accenture is a large player in this space, having recently been named the leader in the IDC MarketScape: Canadian Digital Business Services 2019 Vendor Assessment.

Together, Mac and Chaters interview top global CMOs and marketing leaders, leading thought-provoking discussions on the new must-haves in every marketer’s toolkit, particularly in this age of digital disruption.

All seven episodes of the series are now available on streaming services like Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Guests include experts from Toronto-Dominion Bank, Twitter, McDonald’s Canada, Shopify, and Adobe. The conversation kicks off in episode one with a look at the all-new CMO: someone who is agile and familiar with AI, data analysis, privacy and corporate social responsibility, among other emerging and trending areas.

Our own Sara Clodman, Vice-President, Public Affairs and Thought Leadership, shines a light on “balancing data and desire” in episode two. On the podcast, Ms. Clodman talks about the need to help consumers understand that using their data to target the things that they want is how companies are able to provide them with smart products and services.

She explains how appropriate uses of data allow for hyper-personalized digital experiences that are more valuable for the consumer, and lead to increased loyalty and business for companies. Recognizing these advantages, it’s still important that data personalization is done ethically and that companies are transparent, and Clodman says regulators have an important role in preventing abuses.

Brian Solis, recognized as one of the greatest digital analysts of our time, also shares, “As Confucius used to say, ‘May you live in interesting times.’ We live in interesting times, and we need to take interesting moves in order to have impacts that aren't just good for the business, but good for everything around it.”

As you consider what interesting moves you’re making this year, join us in downloading Marketing Disrupted.

Amber Mac, technology and marketing reporter, right, and Brent Chaters, managing director of Accenture's Digital Customer & Marketing Transformation practice in Canada, launch Marketing Disrupted, a new podcast produced by Antica Productions and Entertainment One, to help CMOs and their organizations thrive in the age of digital disruption at an event in Toronto, Ont. on Monday, June 17, 2019. The Canadian Press Images PHOTO/Accenture