Driving New Customer Acquisition by Leveraging Customer Experience

In this three-part blog series, we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at the largest public film festival in the world – the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) –to explore how understanding customer expectations re-shaped the offerings and approach to loyalty.

This three-part blog defines the issues from a customer point of view; reviews how TIFF addressed the issues; and highlights the outcomes. Readers will learn how TIFF mapped and moved its cust
omers along the loyalty ladder from tryer, to subscriber, to member.

Post #1 explores the issues created when customer promises are not fulfilled through offers and sales.

Case Study: The TIFF Situation Assessment Post 1 of 3

Our story began in 2014 when TIFF noticed that members were not renewing.

Through feedback obtained from surveys and call reports, we learned that members were unhappy that they were not receiving full access to TIFF’s offerings.

Alignment across teams and departments meant re-defining success so that all teams could work toward a common goal. Success metrics for the new program introduced in 2015 consisted of the following:

    1. Actual results versus target
    2. Renewal rates for new households, specifically tracked for:
      1. Memberships –part of existing performance metrics
      2. Package sales –a new performance metric for teams
      3. Individual tickets sales –a new performance metric for teams
    3. Renewal survey feedback

Using more consistent metrics, meant teams getting on the same page with language, motives, creating more win-win-win scenarios, and ultimately learning how to deliver on a customer promise across overlapping segments. The organization was learning to create win-win-win scenarios.

Visit the CMA’s Marketing Hub in two weeks to view Post #2, which explores TIFF's approach to addressing the issues identified here by making necessary changes to TIFF’s loyalty ladder.

By CMA Customer Experience Council Members:

Stephan Sigaud, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Development, Phase 5, and Council Vice-Chair
Jaspreet Sandhu, Director of Loyalty and Engagement, TIFF
John Chan, Managing Director, Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design
Baijul Shukla, Director, Member Services and Strategic Partners, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers