Hear what leading B2B experts have to say about B2B Marketing!

Hear from leading B2B thought leaders about some key topics in B2B Marketing and learn more at our upcoming CMAb2b event covering everything from trends, technology tools, content marketing and sales alignment.

Here’s what the CMA B2B Council members have to say.

Why is ABM so important?

Andrew Au, Co-founder & President, Intercept North America Group, Chair, B2B Council.


How can B2B Marketers leverage data and analytics?

Christina Dong & Nancy Mancini, Principal Consultant, Marcom Blueprints Inc., Members, B2B Council.


How do you reach SMBs?

B2B Council Member Karen Nguyen Senior Director Enterprise Channel Marketing & Sales Enablement, Rogers and Stacey Cummings, Manager, Demand Generation, Purolator, Co-Chair, B2B Council

Join us for the CMAb2b Morning Event on April 10, 2019.

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