How Does CMA Help Marketers Stay on Top of the Latest Trends?

The pace of change within marketing continues to accelerate. It seems like almost everyday there’s something new to become familiar with – a trend, a technology, changes to legislation. And keeping up with the multitude of changes isn’t even the hard part! You have to unpack how it might benefit your strategy, what risks are involved, how your compliance processes need to be adapted, whether you need a vendor and how to find the best one. Is there money in your budget to make the change? How soon will further updates be required? … and on and on it goes.

The CMA is here for you! We have multiple ways for you to stay up-to-date, including insights from marketing thought-leaders, guides to help inform your compliance, hearing from industry experts on hot topics, and taking advantage of learning opportunities.

Thought Leadership

Our Thought Leadership Councils provide strategic insights and tools to expose marketing professionals to new thinking and ideas, and to build trust in the power of marketing to transform business. Our Councils produced 40 blogs over the past year, on topics as diverse as:

The best of these blogs appear in the CMA’s Top 5 Picks newsletter, which is published every Friday. You can sign up for the newsletter at MyCMA and you can browse through the blog section of our website to find information about upcoming trends, videos, white papers and more.

Another way to keep on top of the latest insights and trends is through our Morning Event Series. Each event focuses on a different marketing topic. Post-event surveys indicate that 90% of attendees find these sessions meet or exceed their expectations

Professional Standards and Best Practices

The CMA helps members achieve high standards of professional conduct while strengthening compliance with requirements and best practices.

Recognizing that marketing has the power to transform business, we aim to equip you with the knowledge to maintain high standards of conduct and ensure greater consumer confidence.

Our mandatory Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice, and our series of best practices and compliance guides, help marketers like you maintain high standards of professional conduct.

We are introducing a series of updates to our Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice. The first tranche of changes, released last month, include a new section on best practices in agency search, developed by agencies and brands through a collaborative process. These best practices address the need for companies to clearly articulate budget and scope at the outset of an RFP process, including appropriate financial disclosure, limits on speculative work, non-disclosure rules and debriefing practices.

Our guides cover a range of topics, including transparency for consumers, permitted cannabis marketing activities, promotional contests, GDPR, CASL, marketing to Children and Teens, and more!

Professional Development & Learning Opportunities

The CMA Learning Department ensures our offerings support both key foundational skills and expose marketers to latest trends. We also use the latest research on adult learning to develop courses that will best support professional marketers in developing their skills and knowledge.

Within our seminar program we are proud to consistently offer Developing the Marketing Plan, Integrated Marketing Campaign Execution, Copywriting for Marketers and others that remain integral in a marketer’s toolkit. We have also added in some professional-level soft skill development seminars on presentation skills and professional networking. And, new this year, we have been able to offer topics such as developing creative briefs and brand strategy.

The Certificate Courses are continually updated with relevant content and regularly refreshed into the structure that best services adult learners. Our research has shown that shorter, more digestible pieces of content are more beneficial to learners than lengthy videos that share all the module content in one go. Certificate Course participants will notice that as our courses are refreshed, each module will have multiple, smaller videos – with the same level of impactful content – but an ease of delivery that will support their busy schedules and give an opportunity to take on the theory in a more accessible way.

For those marketers emerging in their careers and wanting to develop their business thinking as well as have a program that applies a wide range of marketing disciplines to real-world scenarios – the Chartered Marketer program will immerse you in the latest trends, give you the opportunity to use technology tools and challenge you to develop a holistic vision of what marketing is today and its future. The Chartered Marketer program also culminates in a designation which will demonstrate to the rest of the marketing community that you are ready to become a future marketing leader.

The CMA’s mission is making marketing matter and so we welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve our offerings and bring you the best marketing experiences. Contact us at