How to Future-Proof Our Youth for the Changing World of Work

The rapid pace of technological change is transforming the way we work, with powerful new tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation dramatically changing the skills required to be successful. This technological change makes it difficult for schools, governments and business leaders to prepare today’s youth for the jobs of tomorrow. So, what can we be doing to help the next generation future-proof their careers?

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Michele Romanow on Fintech and How Digital Ad Spend Can Predict a Startup's Success

During a fireside chat with Google Canada’s head of communications, Aaron Brindle, Michele Romanow offers up her thoughts on the future of fintech, including what’s keeping traditional banks from innovating, and why she believes digital advertising is essential to sustainable growth in e-commerce.

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Tapping into your Diverse Market: A Look at East Indians

In the world of marketing, it’s imperative to connect with new audiences and recent immigrants are one such group to tap into. Immigration to Canada is particularly momentous for one demographic: East Indians. This group is extremely diverse but taking a closer look at their names will provide a window into their unique cultures.

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Third Review of Accessibility Act for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA) Announced

The AODA’s goal is to make Ontario accessible for people with disabilities by 2025, helping build a fair society in which everyone can contribute their skills to our economy. Section 41 of the Act calls for a comprehensive review of the legislation and its effectiveness every few years. The review includes consulting with the public, including people with disabilities, to make recommendations.

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The Changing Tide of Canadian Business

A national study of small business leaders, commissioned by Ipsos on behalf of Microsoft Canada, reveals the biggest changes to Canadian businesses over the past decade.

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