Ontario Data Strategy Consultations

The Government of Ontario is holding consultations to inform Ontario's first-ever data strategy.

The new strategy, set to be released this fall, aims to support new opportunities for data use across all sectors while ensuring privacy for individuals. The consultation will inform the development of the strategy’s three pillars:

  • promoting public trust and confidence by introducing world-leading, best-in-class privacy protections,
  • creating economic benefits by enabling Ontario firms to develop data-driven business models and unlock the commercial value of data, and;
  • enabling better, smarter, more efficient government by building the data skills and capabilities of Ontario government employees and promoting the use of data-driven technologies.

The CMA participated in the Toronto roundtable. Companies and individuals can learn more through the government’s consultation website: EngageON, where you can participate in an online conversation on data rights, submit comments and papers to inform the strategy, and register to attend roundtables across the province.

According to the CMA’s 2018 study Data Privacy – What the Canadian consumer really thinks, 75% of Canadians are willing to share personal data in order to receive benefits, as long as the data is properly protected. When it comes to the responsibility for data protection, consumers were split on whether responsibility rests with individuals (40 per cent) or a combination of individuals, government, businesses and other organizations working together (40 per cent). Few wanted to rely solely on government (8 per cent) or businesses and other organizations (5 per cent).

If you’d like to learn more about privacy protection as a marketer or consumer, check out the CMA’s information and resources for privacy protection on our website.

Author: Fiona Wilson | Director, Government Relations @ CMA
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