Tapping into your Diverse Market: A Look at East Indians

As marketers, we continually strive to connect with new audiences. New immigrants are one such audience. For one such group – East Indians – immigration to Canada is on the upswing.

Make a Cultural Connection

The majority of East Indians – the second largest Asian group in Canada according to Statistics Canada – were born in India and as a result, they’re more connected to their culture of origin and more likely to speak their native language at home.

Because the East Indians in Canada are still closely tied to their culture and language, it’s important to acknowledge such intrinsic parts of their identity if you want to reach this growing, educated consumer base with your marketing.

But that’s where it gets challenging…East Indians identify with a myriad of cultures. These include Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and Bengali
There is no one-size-fits-all in East Indian marketing.

Data Can Help

While it may seem daunting, there is an open window into East Indian cultures: names.

Consider the name Amarjeet Singh, indicative of a Punjabi Sikh. The letter pattern –eet is a typical ending for first names from the Punjab region of India. The surname Singh is one of the most common surnames in India nowadays, but it’s used primarily among Sikhs from Punjab

To compare, let’s look at the name Alyeamma Varghese, the name of a Malayalam Christian. While Malayalam Indians are predominantly Hindu, a common suffix for Malayalam Christian names is
-amma. The second half of that name, Varghese, is also indicative of the individual as being Malayalam Christian because Varghese is the Malayalam version of the Christian name, George.
Amarjeet Singh and Alyeamma Varghese are not the outliers. They are representative of the rich cultural history contained in East Indian names. Almost every given East Indian name hints at the cultural background of the individual bearing it.

If you have customer data, you already have this data, captured for every record in the name field.

Turn Data into Actionable Information

Multicultural data firm, Ethnic Technologies offers Access India, a software product that accurately predicts the specific culture of an East Indian individual.

Access India is entirely predictive. It uses only a first name, surname, and Postal Code to accurately predict the individual’s culture. Extensive name research coupled with a unique geographic data system, Enhanced Neighborhood Analytics (ENA), allows for high coverage and accuracy for these granular East Indian identifications. The software contains immense research into distinct regional and cultural names and patterns that are present throughout India.

With detailed cultural insights, you can gain understanding of an individual’s buying behavior, the colors they’d respond to for specific occasions, or what their respective diets look like, to name a few examples.

Use your data. Uncover new information. Reach your East Indian consumers. Engage a new market.


Amy FranzAmy Franz
Product Design Analyst

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