The top 10 things you should (but might not) know about today’s TV

It wouldn’t be the end of the year (or the decade) without a steady stream of Top 10 lists. Because I love lists as much as the next person, I’ve put together my own:

  1. TV dominates time spent with media. Despite rumours to the contrary, Canadians watch a lot of TV -- 25 hours of TV per week and 13.5 hours for young adults between the ages of 18 and 34.
  2. Speaking of young people, did you know that young adults spend twice as much time watching TV compared to YouTube?
  3. TV advertising has the highest ROI of all media -- $14.34 for every media dollar spent.
  4. Digital companies have more than doubled their TV spend in the past 4 years.
  5. TV works at both ends of the funnel. Yes, it’s an excellent brand-builder, but it’s also great for driving short-term activation.
  6. 87% of linear TV viewing is live.
  7. Although the TV subscription landscape is evolving – Telco/IPTV subscriptions were up 8% last year, for example – the market is strong: 11 million Canadian households have a paid TV subscription.
  8. The average TV campaign delivers an impressive 327 million impressions.
  9. One of TV’s best attributes is its ability to drive the value of other media: TV’s halo effect amplifies digital’s ROI by 19%.
  10. Watching TV together is a fantastic way to relax with family and friends over the holidays!

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Laura Baehr is the Vice President of Marketing at thinktv and a member of the CMA Brand Council.

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