“A Very Enriching Experience” – Top 10 Take-Aways from CM Learners

It’s been a busy few years as CMA continues to invest in innovative professional development platforms. 

Research was conducted to get a sense of interest in a professional designation with 86% of respondents at the time stating that such an offer would be relevant for them and their teams.

CMA took the initiative to create a brand new, designed from the ground up, approach to the Chartered Marketer (CM) program.  With two semesters having been completed, we wanted to hear from learners in the program and share their stories.  Here’s a sampling of 10 reviews from current learners in the program:

  1. I think this an excellent format for this program. The workload is reasonable considering other time commitments given the course is designed to be completed while working full time. The exercises and projects are great hands-on tools to utilize and validate the learnings from the course.

  2. I have taken other online training and this format was by far the best I've experienced. I liked the variation in the way we were assessed. Overall, very well done!

  3. I found this course challenging but easy to follow along with. The material progressively built on itself, which made it easier to understand. I feel much more confident thinking analytically and analyzing the 'true' value of my customers and potential customers. Thank you!

  4. Beyond learning about marketing, I found this program also helped build my soft skills.

  5. Core 2 was excellent. I appreciated the blend of financial marketing with media and campaign strategy. The examples are valuable as well because they help us to understand the practical application of the concepts being taught.

  6. I found the content relevant and interesting. The instructors responded quickly with feedback and grades. Thank you for developing the CM course and to all the instructors and staff who have worked hard to make this happen.

  7. The CM program has refreshed my memory on core topics I learned in university and challenged me on concepts I don’t use a on a daily basis. My biggest takeaway would have to be the experiencing the value of informational interviews and getting to know more about different roles and experiences within the marketing profession.

  8. There were a number of excellent learnings from Core 1 that I can apply to current and future jobs in marketing, but my greatest overall takeaway isn’t just one template or tip. What stood out most for me is the lesson that research and preparation are key in marketing.

  9. I'd say that I learned the most in week three (Strategic Thinking for Marketers). I felt that this material was the most relevant to me as a professional advertiser as it gave me some valuable insight into how my clients (marketers) structure their strategic priorities and organize their internal marketing objectives.

  10. A key takeaway for me from Core 1 is understanding that a customer’s path to purchase is ever evolving, and how it’s increasingly challenging for us as marketers to be able to map their path to purchase and develop marketing strategies to engage with them.

With a focus on developing marketing talent and having individuals join a community of like-minded professionals in Canada, the CM program is now accepting applications for 2020! Check out the start dates