Achievements Worth Celebrating

Get inspired by last year’s winners and get started on your submissions before it’s too late.  With only one month until entries are due we wanted to remind our readers that you can’t celebrate your achievements without submitting your campaigns!

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CMA Responds to Québec Draft Regulations for Loyalty Programs

Québec is one step closer to joining Ontario as the second jurisdiction in Canada that will have rules regarding loyalty programs. While it is encouraging to see an approach that aims to protect point collectors from unwarranted surprises and encourages strong competition in the loyalty program arena, the draft regulations do pose some challenges for loyalty program operators and create unintended consequences for Québec consumers.

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Recommended Reading from CMA’s Media Council #4

Why are demands for data making the TV market more complex? Is Netflix’s magic market number larger than big cable company’s? What challenges will Accenture Interactive face as it pushes into programmatic? Why is Unilever smart to tackle its digital supply chain? Why is native advertising projected to slow?

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3 Surprising Findings from the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study

ICYMI, the 11th Annual Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study (CSLS) came out earlier this year. In addition to some standard metrics around size, growth, and activation techniques, the report includes some surprising – and concerning – findings that highlight issues within the industry.

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What’s in a Name?

Launching or relaunching a brand, product or service requires a particular type of brand work, involving choosing a name. This is one of the most complex and pressure-filled aspects of branding. The Marketing Strategy Group recently rebranded to Halmyre and shares the process they followed to find their new name.  

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