Advertising and Marketing to Children

Advertising and Marketing to Children

Over the last two weeks, the Standing Committee on Health heard from a number of witnesses on Bill S-228, An Act to amend the Food and Drugs Act (prohibiting food and beverage marketing directed at children). The CMA highlighted several concerns in its comments, including the proposed ban extending the age threshold of children to 17.

Read the CMA’s submission and view CMA’s full Marketing to Children resources

Must Reads #48 from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council

Why is honest vulnerability a better personal brand than pretending life is perfect? What exactly is Artificial Intelligence? Why are brands hesitating with marketing with influencers? Why do the most persuasive people spoil surprises on purpose?

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What’s on Canadian Marketers’ Minds in 2018

YouTube’s Managing Director, Debbie Weinstein, sat down with a group of Canadian CxOs to share YouTube’s progress on recent monetization changes and preview the exciting future product roadmap for the platform. Weinstein speaks with Jamie Gargatsougias, head of brand strategy at Google Canada, about how brands and marketers can find their best audiences on YouTube.

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Data & Analytics Round-Up from CMA’s Insights and Analytics Council #8

Why do enterprises need to prioritize “the last mile” of analytics? What are the right tools for displaying data? How do we connect with customers with GDPR restrictions in place? How do we eliminate bias in data-driven marketing?

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Profit Ability: The Business Case for Advertising

“Profit Ability” is a ground-breaking study out of the UK that analyzed over 2,000 advertising campaigns to quantify the impact that advertising has on the bottom line. Looking at both short- and long-term profit contributions of different forms of media, this research is a must-read for anyone spending or directing advertising dollars.

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