An Update from the CMA’s Not-For-Profit Council


The Not-For-Profit (NFP) Council serves the unique interests of Canadian NFP marketers and fundraisers through education, advocacy, and engagement with other marketing professionals.

The Council is comprised of 12 marketing professionals committed to engaging colleagues within the NFP sector. The CMA has 74 NFP organizations within their membership.

Before developing their workplan (Fall 2017), the Council was uncertain as to whether or not historic Council activity was resonating with members. So, Council conducted an engagement outreach survey to over 25 of the NFPs within the membership. The intention of the survey was to determine members’ level of awareness and engagement with the CMA. Surveys were conducted by phone and by email.

What We Heard

Membership tenure ranged from very new (3 months) to long term (30 years). In addition to answering the survey questions, respondents provided ideas about how the CMA and the NFP Council could better engage with the membership. Four distinct themes and areas of interest emerged:

  • Awareness – general lack of awareness of CMA offerings and of the NFP Council
  • Education & Content – an area of great interest to members
  • Networking – high level of interest in networking opportunities within the NFP sector and the CMA membership at large
  • Partnerships – opportunities to leverage and partner to add value to the NFP membership

What We’re Doing

Based on the 4 themes, the Council has formed sub-groups and has actively developed a workplan for the next 3 years – identifying immediate actions as well as intermediate and longer term strategies and activities to engage and activate the NFP membership.

Will it Work?

We have named metrics and key measures of success for all of our planned activities and would be most interested in reaching out again to the NFP membership on an annual basis to hear if our work is making a difference.

What Can You Do?

Provide feedback – we’re happy to hear from you – let us know what you think and if you’d like to get involved. Contact Sara Clodman, Director, Councils or Liz Marshall, NFP Council Chair.

About the Author: Elizabeth Marshall is Executive Lead, President’s Office, United Way Greater Toronto and Chair of the CMA’s Not-For-Profit Council

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