Balancing Humanity and Technology: Insights from the CX Council

The CMA’s Customer Experience Council educates, shares, and leverages compelling customer experience initiatives and best practices that drive business results. Here is a glimpse into the topics they discussed at their November meeting:

Automation cannot replace the human touch

As advances in technology allow for automation in the delivery of many experiences (with chatbots for example), there is more and more evidence that brands also need to maintain a certain level of human touch in their interactions with their customers. While automation will undoubtedly help brands mitigate customer attrition by reducing customer effort, those brands that are looking to work the positive side of the loyalty equation know that they need human intervention in order to create the memories that will make people come back and buy again.

Systems integration facilitates consistency

One area where technology does not have potential drawbacks in CX is that of systems integration which allows for consistency of delivery across channels, which is still an issue for many brands and often causes poor experiences.

The risk of invisibility

Advances in technology have brought disintermediation in certain industry sectors and brands ought to be concerned about the risk of becoming invisible as a result (e.g., payments, where consumers pay with their phone and not with their credit cards anymore).

Finding the balance

The answer isn’t necessarily a forced choice between technology and humanity though. Ideally, after conducting Customer Journey Mapping to identify the key touchpoints where the choice between technology and humanity is most impactful, brands should be able to use technology to remove friction points where necessary and humanity to inject emotion where it matters most, thus optimizing CX for both themselves and their customers.

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