Be disruptive to fuel growth? What the ‘Hack’?

How do you react when an expert advises you to be disruptive? And to engage in “growth hacking”? What the heck is all that about? Why can’t we stick to digital marketing, social media and customer experience management? At least those make sense! But that’s the whole point of it -- you want to go beyond just making sense.

You want to rock your customers’ world and take them from mere satisfaction to delight, from plain old benefits to outstanding ROI, from form-and-function to stellar value. That’s what disruptive marketing and growth hacking are all about. They may be the new B2B buzzwords, but they’re the kind you can’t afford to ignore. You have to admit, marketing is meant to be disruptive -- how else do you stand out and make your buyers sit up, take notice and spring into positive action?

4 ways to make disruptive B2B marketing and growth hacking work for you

  1. Make a bold move to offer your audience a never-before experience they enjoy and want to repeat. Being “disruptive” means delivering an experience so unique that your audience will never want to do it any other way.
  2. Voice your opinion and stand by it. Be clever about it, though. Your customers may not always agree with your point of view. You have to work your way towards bringing them over to your side, without making them feel incompetent. Even better, once they start singing the same tune, make them feel like they wrote it. We’re all human, we have egos and we like to feel important; so there’s nothing wrong with that.
  3. Be emotional and passionate. That’s the balance you need to achieve between trying to please the search engine spiders in your digital marketing and appease your fans on social media. Communicate the value and uniqueness of your brand in a way that customers can relate to. If you make every offer sound like a shiny new toy or shout about each new product like the next best thing since sliced bread, you’ll only be making more noise. And nobody can handle any more noise in the world of B2B marketing. So innovate, be creative, be disruptive, but do it in a pleasant, appealing manner.
  4. Think like a start-up. Focus on low-cost, innovative methods of marketing, just like a recently launched company would do. Be aware that your buyers know exactly what they are looking for. Your competitors have also done a good job of educating them on what they offer. In all likelihood, these buyers also know what your company is missing. So where is the opportunity for you? The opportunity you have is to make buyers aware that your product can be far better than it is right now. Go on, ask them what more they want to see in your product. Show clearly that you care enough to know what they really want and then deliver above and beyond.        

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