CMA Discusses the Future of Marketing in Canada at the World Marketing Summit

CMA Discusses the Future of Marketing in Canada at the World Marketing Summit

CMA is hosting a panel on the future of marketing in Canada at the World Marketing Summit (WMS), taking place on November 15 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. 

The panel features Sabrina Geremia, recently appointed Country Director of Google Canada, Chris Stamper, Chair of the CMA Board of Directors and Senior Vice President – Metro East at TD, and Tony Johnstone, Chief Brand Officer at DDB Canada.  The moderator for the discussion is CMA’s John Wiltshire, President & Chief Executive Officer.

“Marketing serves as a critical function of business growth, yet marketing professionals are often challenged to prove marketing’s value in an increasingly complex and data-driven landscape,” said Wiltshire. “This panel will address the key challenges facing today’s marketers and showcase future-forward ideas for the marketing profession of tomorrow.”

As CMA is a Founding Partner, its members have access to an exclusive promo code to save $200 on registration: CMAWMS (registration only) and CMAVWMS (includes lunch and special session).

WMS arrives in Toronto to discuss with the Canadian marketing profession what a world with fast-pacing technology, platforms and disruption represents for companies trying to create value for customers.  Created in 2012 by Professor Philip Kotler, WMS has travelled across the world, most recently in Japan for 2015 and 2016.

Professor Kotler recently stated, “I am looking forward to share some news ideas in marketing that are really disrupting the times and how you have to prepared to defend your company and expand your growth.”

About the World Marketing Summit Toronto

When: November 15, 2017

Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

World Marketing Summit was founded in 2011 by Professor Philip Kotler: The Father of Modern Marketing. As one of the most prestigious platforms for marketing professionals, World Marketing Summit aims at initiating global movements through marketing strategies that change human behavior leading to a positive impact on society for future generations. In our new world of innovation and disruption without precedents, 'What is the New Role of Marketing?

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