Create Value From Fast Data to Improve the Customer Experience

Create Value From Fast Data to Improve the Customer Experience

"Location-based marketing" using fast data is one of the most critical marketing trends of our time – helping brands reach the right customer with the right product/service, right on time, from the right channel.

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Strawberries, IoT and a Winning Digital Campaign

Top five insights from Rogers’ Business Customer Marketing team – winners of the CMA’s 2017 Digital Award – on how to create a winning campaign.

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Must Reads #45 from CMA's Digital Marketing Council

Why consumers are increasingly willing to trade privacy for convenience… Why brands must form an identity to retain customers in the voice economy… P&G puts agencies on notice… Discover all these topics and more on the latest Digital Must Reads.

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AdChoices Participants Show More Compliance with Regulatory Guidance

The annual compliance report of the Canadian AdChoices self-regulatory program for interest-based advertising highlights the growth in notice and transparency compliance and confirms that participants do more to comply with the guidelines issued by Canada’s Privacy Commissioner. The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada, which developed AdChoices, is currently chaired by Wally Hill, CMA’s VP of Government & Consumer Affairs.

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A New State of Mind(sets) 

Small Business Owners? They’ve got a different way of thinking. And the way they think could require a seismic shift from brands. Take a look at the infographic from The Cargo Agency and discover a new way brands can and should connect with SBOs.

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