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What data can (and can't) do for your company
Art Markman, Professor of psychology and marketing, University of Texas reminds us about the limits of data-driven decision making. – Shared by Scot Riches, Chief CRM Officer, Response Innovations

Building a data-ready organization
97% of C-level executives consider data as a strategic priority, only 12% believe they were ‘highly effective’ in using data strategically. Find out some simple best practices for becoming a data-ready organization. – Shared by Angele Levesque, Principal, Angele Levesque Consulting

Analytics: Don't Forget the Human Element
As marketers and analytics practitioners, we know that leveraging data and analytics is increasingly a strategic priority for many organizations. However, in their journey to becoming more analytically-oriented enterprises, these same organizations have achieved varying degrees of success. This easy-to-read and practical study from Forbes and EY helps to explain not only what key foundational elements of an analytically-focused organization looks like but what leaders in these areas are doing differently to achieve a competitive advantage. An excellent resource to frame and benchmark your own organization’s analytics journey. – Shared by Evan Wood, Senior Vice-President, Marketing & Custom Services, Environics Analytics

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