Data & Analytics Bi-Monthly Round-Up from CMA’s Analytics Council #7

CMA’s Customer Insights & Analytics Council has rounded up the best data and analytics reads today:

An executive's guide to AI
A great interactive AI primer that gives an overview of the various essentials needed to understand what AI is, what it isn't, and how it can be used. Check it out on the McKinsey Insights App as well. – Shared by Matt Anstett, Director, Consulting Services – Digital, CGI

Boosting your sales ROI: How digital and analytics can drive new performance and growth
Excellent article that emphasizes 4 key steps to leverage analytics to empower frontline employees (e.g. Sales) and drive growth. Because if analytics aren't actionable, they're not particularly useful. – Shared by Evan Wood, Chief Sales and Mareting Officer, Environics Analytics

Uber driver has a Spotify playlist for every kind of passenger he picks up
The application of customer insights doesn't need to be complicated.  This uber driver is using gut-based segmentation to deliver a highly relevant customer experience to his riders. – Shared by Scot Riches, Chief CRM Officer, RI

CMO Spend Survey 2017-2018: Spotlight on Marketing Analytics
Marketing analytics is the single biggest area of spend, representing 9.2% of budget in 2017. But are analytics efforts aligned with the CMO’s strategic measures? Find out the big spending trends within CMO’s “analytics” buckets – Shared by Ersegun Kocoglu, Founder & CMO, Market Me Consultancy

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