Data & Analytics Monthly Round-Up from CMA’s Analytics Council #2

CMA’s Customer Insights & Analytics Council has rounded up the best data and analytics reads today:

The year of the marketing technologist: shedding light on “dark” marketing
A good introduction to the emerging idea of "dark" or unstructured data and its importance to marketing in 2017.  Upwards of 80% of customer data generated this year will fall into this category, and the author beleives that marketing technologists are well positoned to help organizations navigate these new waters. – Shared by Scot Riches, Chief CRM Officer, RI

It's Not The Ink, It's The Think: 6 Effective Data Visualization Strategies
If you are looking for a really deep dissection on how to effectively visualize data, this detailed blog post by Avinash Kaushik is a great place to start, and provides some valuable lessons on how the critical the final stages of presenting analytical work are in the overall process. – Shared by Greg Dashwood, Product Lead, Internet of Things & Advanced Analytics, Microsoft

Everything you wanted to know about AI... but did not know HOW to ask.
This is an excellent summary for anyone who is trying to wrap their heads arounds concepts of AI, deep learning, etc. Most of marketers encounter these terms more and more and yet, few can articulate (even to themselves) what this means. This presentation video provides excellent insight and ties methodologies to application. – Shared by Vadim Shelkovnikov, Director, Client Analytics Canada, Precima, Inc.

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