Data & Analytics Monthly Round-Up from CMA’s Analytics Council #3

CMA’s Customer Insights & Analytics Council has rounded up the best data and analytics reads today:

How gamification improves customer engagement and retention
Seven ways to use gamification to improve customer retention and performance. – Shared by Mike Poyser, Vice-President, Analytics, Aimia

The best sales deck I have ever seen
While data and analytics underpin decisions, delivering a solution in a way that excites listeners to adopt it, is a challenge. This is a good post that helps understand what your audience is expecting and what is the best way of grabbing their attention. Hint: it's not spreadsheets and formulas. – Shared by Vadim Shelkovnikov, Director, Client Analytics Canada, Precima, Inc.

Businesses beware! If you're not using big data, you're about to fail fast
Some great insights from a Toronto based start up, RubiKloud, on the importance of turning big data into value in the retail space. – Shared by Greg Dashwood, Product Lead, Internet of Things & Advanced Analytics, Microsoft

The 2 critical things to keep in mind when moving from Predictive Modelling to Machine Learning
Instructive piece for marketers on the transition from predictive modelling  to machine learning, and how the 'consequence of failure' can be a guide. – Shared by Ronan Ryan, Chief Development Officer, Canadian Red Cross

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Data & Analytics Monthly Round-Up from CMA’s Analytics Council #2

Data & Analytics Monthly Round-Up from CMA’s Analytics Council

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