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CMA’s Customer Insights & Analytics Council has rounded up the best data and analytics reads today:

Crawl With Analytics Before Running With Artificial Intelligence
Amongst all the hype of AI, this is a nice reminder of where cognitive analytics fit in the chain of analytics maturity,  and some solid advice not to skip the basics in your quest for shinny objects. – Shared by Scot Riches, Chief CRM Officer, Response Innovations

The Top 10 Trends Driving Marketing In 2017
A topical read for marketers because (1) it’s current for 2017, (2) Forbes always provides good insights, (3) it’s easy to read in a top 10 format and (4) it highlights the prominence of marketers having to leverage data and analytics overtly (recommendations #2 and #2) and implicitly to drive the required consumer experiences (virtually every other recommendation listed). It’s no longer about whether data and analytics impact marketing (the answer is yes, most definitely) but about how to extend the impact further across the whole ecosystem. – Shared by Evan Wood, Senior Vice-President, Marketing & Custom Services, Environics Analytics

Seeing is Believing: Visualizing Market Research Data
Seeing is believing - Visualizing Market Research Data speaks to the integration of data happening in the industry and the need to be able to pull the data together and tell a story.

Within the Market Research industry we are continually having to add additional sources of data into our analysis. The industry is moving beyond what the survey says, and has morphed into tying in data from multiple sources to enhance the analysis of the survey results. As more and more time is being spent, sourcing, validating and syncing all the data together it is imperative that Analyst are able to put it all into a "story" that provides actionable visualization of the analysis that is understood by all audiences. – Shared by Arlene Kim, Market Research Manager, CAA South Central Ontario

British Airways CEO Interview: How to Bring a Low-Cost Mindset to a Legacy Airline
A really interesting interview from the CEO of a major world airline, British Airways, who talks among other things about how to change corporate culture, especially with a focus on how to enable a company to become more nimble and align around reducing cost to become a more successful company. – Shared by Mike Poyser, Vice-President, Analytics, Aimia

The Best Data Scientists Get out and Talk to People
Business and subject context is critical for Data Scientists to offer impact and value. This article details how Data Scientists who proactively source domain expertise and develop context around the analytical problems they are looking to solve are able to drive greater impact.– Shared by Greg Dashwood, Product Lead, Internet of Things & Advanced Analytics, Microsoft

Turning Insight Into Action: The Journey to Social Media Intelligence
"The key challenge for enterprises is not just to capture social media data, but to transform it into actionable insights at both the strategic and day-to-day levels." – Shared by Trinh Tham, Head of Marketing, Bell Media

How Computers Made Humans Better at Chess
People generally 'fear' AI and the possibilities of 'Big Data', but the results show consistently that AI beats Human, but Human plus AI always beats AI. That is an exciting prospect as we let the spiders loose in our data - combined with human intuition the possibilities are very exciting. A companion to this article is a podcast with Gary Kasparov on AI and his relationship with Deep Blue (chess computer). – Shared by Ronan Ryan, Chief Development Officer, Canadian Red Cross

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