Data & Analytics Round-Up from CMA’s Insights and Analytics Council #8

CMA’s Customer Insights & Analytics Council has rounded up the best data and analytics reads today:

The Last Mile of Analytics
How enterprises need to prioritize “the last mile’’ of their process as they approach data analytics to achieve great results. – Shared by Ersegun Kocoglu, Founder & CMO, Market Me Consultancy

Displaying Data: The Right Tools for the Right Job
This article gives a brief history of BI reporting tools and explains the importance of "low code" applications today when trying to visualize data in a meaningful way. – Shared by Matt Anstett, Director, Consulting Services - Digital, CGI

With GDPR Restrictions on Using Consumer Data, Marketers Will Need to Start Mining Moments
Cookies can be used to uniquely identify a person, therefore they should be treated as personal data. How will this affect data marketers? – Shared by Paul Lacap, Technology & Marketing Executive

How to Eliminate Bias in Data-Driven Marketing
The analytical, but also ethical debate about what happens when data scientists introduce bias in targeting and some ways to avoid going down the wrong path. – Shared by Scot Riches, Chief CRM Officer, RI

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