Does My Brand Need a Facebook Page?

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked this question….
We all know the stats: Biggest social network in the world. Over 17 million Canadians frequent the site. Almost 50/50 penetration between men and women…the list goes on.  Brands are joining the platform in droves as a means to promote their brand, increase awareness of products and dialogue with ‘fans’. However, we are also increasingly seeing brands use Facebook and other social platforms as alternate customer service channels. And it is easy to understand why.
Why make customers find YOU? Why not serve them where they already are? After all, that’s the true definition of customer SERVICE.
Many brands have dived in and re-created their call centres by adding in holistic service functionality. From Help Desks and Tech Support to Operations and R&D, major Canadian brands are realizing the power ofadapting their customer service offering and incorporating it into the Digital Era. One need look no further than Rogers, Air Canada and the Globe and Mail to see how multi-functional, one-stop customer service options help to retain and acquire new generations of customers.
The Canadian Marketing Association’s Digital Marketing Council met with these brands and asked them to share their experience in this space. 

Check out the series of Q & A’s and find out how these Canadian companies got started, how they humanize the brand online and determine the right metrics for success.

Robin Whalen

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