Eight Ways AI Will Be Used in Marketing in 2018

Eight Ways AI Will Be Used in Marketing in 2018

Real-time behavioural indicators… dynamic segmentation… customer-directed marketing… fewer campaigns with higher ROI… learn about these and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications that will be at the forefront of major developments in marketing in 2018.

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Best Practices to Prevent and Manage Harassment

A proactive approach to prevent and manage harassment / workplace violence is important in any organization. The CMA Best Practices to Prevent and Manage Harassment Guide includes useful tips for dealing with a harassment complaint.

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Canadian Perspectives on Health and Wellness, Part 3

The third of a three-part blog on Pearl Strategy’s survey of 1,000 Canadians provides insights into how people are using technology to support their health and wellness needs, which information sources they prefer, and how they share and discuss healthy food and personal care products and healthy restaurant meals.

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How NFPs Can Leverage Their Advantages and Methods

Canadian Not-for-Profits (NFPs) are facing growing demands for their services. With an increasingly informed donor-base, NFPs need to utilize all of the resources at their disposal and adapt how they appeal to Canadians to achieve their goals. Check out this thought leadership coverage from the CMA’s NFP Council, published in Direct Marketing Magazine.

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Compliance by Design

If marketing is seen as an open space where creative minds run free, compliance can resemble a cage. But this is not the full story. Find out why it’s critical to consider compliance early in the creative process. Read about the four core organizational pillars that will turn your compliance department into an asset.

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