Emerging Trends in Retail Experience Design

Following an exciting morning of content and speakers, attendees filled the room for a CMAfuture Roundtable Discussion, sponsored by TC Media (one of four such Roundtables).  

Please find a recap of the discussion here:

Emerging digital retail strategies

  1. Create a branded experience that stimulates emotions and excitement to elevate the shopping experience:
       • Sport Chek broadcast mountain scenes on in-store screens to create a feeling of taking a chairlift, when the customer was riding up the escalator.
  2. Maximize convenience to meet consumer need:
       • Apple retail allows customers to pay for accessories with iTunes account on mobile phone, and leave store without visiting cashier.
  3. Leverage geo-targeting to drive traffic:
       • Canadian Tire geo-targets offers to customers near their retail store and has demonstrated success driving sales.
  4. Deliver timely content to delight and inspire product selection:
       • Tim Hortons screens change messaging according to weather.
  5. Stimulate purchase with targeted offers:
       • AirMiles is testing mobile app delivery of offers in-store.

Redefine the ‘retail digital experience’

The retail digital experience has been thought of as:

  • In-store screens;
  • In-hand screens (customer’s mobile device).

An emerging retail digital experience is being tested and defined: Bring the store to the customer:

  • Loblaw digital retailing/ordering and physical pick up or Uber delivery;
  • Booking test drive online and having test drive vehicle delivered to your door.

By Allison Laux, Digital Marketing Council

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